Meet the Dedicated Coach of Executives and Business Owners


Keith Is the Coach

Who trains others to become Executive Coaches. He is a “Coach of Coaches.” He can do this because he understands people and what makes them tick. He teaches a technology that allows people to change quickly, enhancing the life, business, and relationships they desire.

Keith Miller has been a certified professional coach in private practice for over a decade, impacting thousands of people and organizations worldwide. He is the past president of the L. A. International Coach Federation and has served as a board member for over five years. Keith has been honored with the ICF PCC award and has been the lead trainer for iPEC Coaching for over a decade.

Executives working with Keith Miller are committed to being the best leader, committed to their best life, and committed to happiness. Keith has worked with thousands of high-level professionals from CEO, managers, and HR directors and has facilitated thousands of hours of individual, team, and leadership training groups.